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Scott Ferriss Email


Hello there Deg, still using your pics as my desktop background. Will you please consider moving your latest ones to the desktop section so I can use them as well? As always, keep us the great work!

Aarthur Lane Email

I just saw your photo of the Enterprise and shuttle from the upcoming ships of the line 2013 calendar via on facebook....  as always your interpretation of the TOS Big-E is always fabulous..... can't wait to get it  
                   ~safe journeys,space fans,wherever you are~



You rule.  I've been a fan of the SOTL calendar for years.  A favorite image led me to your site.

Thank you for the TOS.5 Enterprise.  It is as it should be and I wished it to be after seeing the ST:TMP and rethinking the Enterprise in terms of the greater detail provided on the refit film model and the flood of blueprints and ancillary materials that followed.  

TOS.5 is more canon than canon.  I hope your vision and creativity penetrate the Trek to come.  There was a design genius to the original material that seems all but lost.

If you were to collaborate with someone to make a new tech manual or even more detailed schematics reconciling TOS.5 with the series and as a logical predecessor to the refit, I would be the first in line to buy it.  

Rock on.


deg Email

Once again, thanks very much for all the kind words of priase and interest in my work, my friends! So glad you enjoy my efforts, as that makes me art all the more fun and worthwhile to create!

Be sure and pick up your copy of the 2012 Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar to enjoy me art (and other's as well) on your wall!

peace & bananas | deg

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