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Scott Ferriss Email


Yep, I still find myself checking out your site, although I know as busy as you are you don't have time to post new stuff often. Love your work.

Knet Email

Knet Was here..
Greetings from Argentina.. bye

Lynn Cress Email

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your work with us.  Like you, the original E was my first love, as well.   What you have done in re-imagining her is, by far, the best I have ever seen.  For lack of a better description, you have breathed life into her - she looks so accurate and believable.  Matt Jefferies is surely smiling down on you.

Having worked in the CGI industry myself, I know the hours and hours of work it takes to achieve your images.   But it's obvious you have taken it beyond just the time behind the keyboard and given of yourself to the art.   All the more extraordinary that you share these beautiful renderings with us.

Peace and long life, my friend. 



Having no other way to contact you ... I just seen Blood and Chrome and I must say, hats to you in whatever form you were involved. And as for the TOS.5 E ... well, I still marvel at the incredible job you did on that. Hope to see more of your work.

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