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hypercat77 Email


Hiyall !
- Just found this site thru links while browsing for stuff by Ron Cobb (the overall greatest sci-fi & fantasy film conceptual artist EVER, and most under-stated....IMHO).

Seems like Deg and other related artists are all linked somehow.... connected....somewhat like that funny Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon shit.  Im 57 and am still awed by these amazing designs and visual concepts.  Some of my old S&F faves :

John Burkey - the late Grand Master of fantastic titanic spacecraft illustration....still remember being amazed in the '60s at his beautifully bizarre spaceships on paperback covers. what an amazing photo-real brushstroke technique.

Syd Mead - the great fading buddah sage of futuria....altho most of his vehicles now look embarrassingly retro and impractical, theyre still formidably awesome, unique and bizarre enuff to still command attention.

Chris Foss - who knew big ugly box-like mega-spacecraft with crazy exterior colors and graphics could look so great? his frequent use of extreme perspective helped a lot.

Ralph McQuarrie - the Star Wars universe would be just another series of sci-fi B-movies without his staggering, magnificent visual concepts. another Grand Master passed on.

William Stout - what a prolific artist....a lot of his great work works best as poster art, kinda like those old classical Mucha ad prints. this guy creates his own fantasy-dinos and still gets respect from paleontologists!....dinosauria never had a better friend.

But now the sci-fi art trend is going fully digital, with top guns like Daniel Simon leading the way....kinda like what happened to the analog stop-motion legacy of the great Ray Harryhausen in 1993 after the stampede of all-digital dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

Now....back to whats Most Important at this moment in time - the great Grand Master Ron Cob !!!!! I had his great, lone ColorVision book years ago, but that only shows less than half of his film design work....ive looked online but have found close too where the where the f*** is it all now?....did some genius a-hole like Kubrick order it all destroyed?*

(* for those who dont yet know it - director Stanley Kubrick had all the large, extremely detailed spacecraft models, designs and blueprints from 2001: A Space Odyssey destroyed immediately after production, because he didnt want anyone using them for a sequel (which WAS made decades later, with his blessing).  apparently the thought of allowing a museum to protect and display these masterpieces for future generations to see....didnt cross his genius a-hole mind.)



I love your ".5" Enterprise, but your site does not work with iOS devices like iPad/iPhone. How about a "nice clean" non-flash site?

Joe B Email

Hey deg
Just flipped to June 2013 on the SotL calendar. Great image! There is something about the TOS design of our lady the Enterprise that shines above all others. You do her great justice.


Thanks, all, very much for visiting my site, and for taking the time out to sign my guestbook!
Thanks also for the nice words about me work, glad you all enjoy it so much, makes it all the more worthwhile to do.
And Cal, I'd be honored for you (or anyone else that would like to) to build a version based on my TOS.5 take on Big E. Just send pix when you have 'em!
Thanks for asking, BTW. You walk with honor, and I admire and appreciate that in a person very much.

Thanks again, everyone! I have new E shots in the works, hopefully not too long to post up!
peace & bananas | deg

Cal Email

Hello Deg, 

I am a huge fan of your work, and I love what you did to the TOS Enterprise. I was wondering if I could have your permission to modify my 1/350 scale model of the TOS Enterprise based on your artwork?

Best Regards, 

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