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Johnny Jack  

Looking forward to seeing your work on "Orville". May you always be a "Freelance Human" and "Self-Taught"...and thanks for all your attention to detail on ST-TOS !

Benjamin Greene 

Love the CGI of the TOS.5 Enterprise!

Paul Duffin 

Excellent modelling and rendering, a great addition to my wallpaper collection. Thanks for the high-quality work.

Darrell Curtis Email

Hi, deg!  Great portfolio here, and equally great presentation.  The 'reveals' of the CG models, from sculpt to painting, is very cool.  Love seeing your work, as always.

Darrell C

Michael Dymichkowsky 

I have been blown away by your stunning images of the Grey Lady. You inspired me to start building models again after a grievous injury in 2010. Of course, my first choice was the Polar Lights TOS Enterprise kit but I wanted to "go the extra mile" and try to do justice to your wonderful renderings so... one year and 300 hours of building later I am in the final stages of paint and assembly. Elements from 3 different lighting kits were used along with fibre optics to highlight the nav and strobe lights. 180 individual and strip LED's are crammed into the hull. The engine nacelles alone have 40 LED's each using Tena Controls excellent light kit and the PL accessory kit. I will post pics of the final product and I hope they may inspire others as you have done for me! THANK YOU!!!    
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